Like dealing with the Devil, or being under a

witches’ spell, I’m compelled to know how many

memories can be held far down in my brain.


If they’re lost, I’ve got to know where they

go. Did they saddle up and ride away, like a

cowboy drifting across the range for a change?


Are they only out of mind for a while to ride herd

over memories that have strayed? Will they all one

day come riding back and fill the corral inside my head?


Or have old memories escaped so there’d be room

for new ones to take up residence because there’s

only so much space inside my head for them to live?


If they’ve escaped the inside of my head where’d

they go and how? Wouldn’t I feel a memory escaping

through my nose, or maybe my ears?


Have I pissed them away? Did they mix with something

I ate and become shitty memories? Can they escape

through my pores when I sweat, or in my voice?


Do memories take up space? My memories of any evil

I’ve done can escape and make me happy, but ones of

those I love and ones I enjoy, I never want to lose.


When the day comes I can’t recognize your face, I’ll

know memories do disintegrate and leave behind an

empty space that’ll never be filled with another like you.

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