Love What

I worry that at the closing of the day, I may run out and will be lost without,
so I take the shortest route to replenish my supply of the one
thing I need to color the wings of my world with shades of gold

If I go without, darkness descends and I get what I deserve if I don’t succeed
in filling my need. My fragile nerves will curve into bare electrical wires floating
in a pool of crimson blood short circuiting my heart .

The things I see and the programs I watch on TV all become
joyous events when I find what I need, but when I don’t, color
grows duller and drains from paradise and my life dries out.

I ran out and almost put my eye out when I found out, I Was without, my wallet, money, or credit cards, and then I remembered why I didn’t have any of the above. I don’t even
have a rare disease to use as an excuse to beg, borrow, or say I’d pay back tomorrow.

What am I to do, because it’s true? Suddenly, I find Life Can Be A Dream, and the Magic Minute takes me by surprise when a woman I know presses her lips to mine and they’re sweeter than wine. My search turns to love, because she’s sweeter than any brew.

When I hold her tight, I’ll never worry about running out and choose to change the hues
that are brighter than jewels. They’ll always be warm and true like my love for her sweet
lips. I worry, it’s such a hard decision to make. When she’s with me, I never thirst

for what I wanted first. When she steps away, the desert wind surrounding my heart blows through my mouth and I thirst for at least a taste of what it takes to change my world from dark, damp, and colorless, to one clothed in colors I love.

All it’ll take is a case of Bud Light.

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