LOVE – today’s poem

June 23, 2016
At times we had fun and you were the only one.
Being in each other’s arms was wonderful.
Other times heaven turned to hell and I saw all the angels die.

You eyeing others enraged me, so I listened to the Devil.
He kicked in my jealous gene.
“Kill, kill, protect what’s yours,” the Devil said.

“No, No, my guiding angel argued,” but Satan rules and he compelled me to action.
I went with others, but the Devil put pictures of you in my mind to inflame that
inherited gene that wants you to be only mine.

Everything I did, every place I went, he put you on my mind so I’d wish
you were there with me and a vision of you with another would always come.
Experience has taught me the kind of love I want, isn’t easy to find,

and that fiend told me, I’d never find the special one who would return my love.
Those distasteful words pounded in my head, when in bed you said, “This has to end.”
Hurt and confused the Devil came back again and said, “It’s time you realized,

I won’t allow anyone to love you like you need, because you belong to me.
I prayed to God and he guided me to a place where I found Molly who fills my loving needs. Lying in bed I gaze into her soft brown eyes and reflected there is her love for me.

I thank God every night that I no longer sleep alone and remember that wonderful day
when Molly saw me walk through the door and jumped up to let me know she was the one for me. I had to pay for her. I would have drained my bank account to make her mine,
but the dog pound only charged a small fee.


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