Louise, Louise


#127 Louise, Louise.


Louise wasn’t much to look at when I first met her. But she grew to be beautiful, and her reddish blond hair was so soft to the touch I could hardly keep my hands off. We grew close. Very close, until one day we were at the beach, and she played with another and ran off through eddies and monstrous waves without fear in any way. I couldn’t believe she’d be so fickle.

I cried out, “Please, please, Louise, don’t leave me alone. This isn’t one of the games we played during sunny days when we frolicked outside. Those days are permanently cemented into my brain. Your love of birds showed me your natural side. When you swam with graceful strokes, my heart almost broke though I never spoke while I watched you frolic in the bay.

“You know Louise that when I see one reminding me of you, my heart may cease to beat if you’re not here by my side. Louise, Louise, please don’t leave or ever die. Loving you is the only reason I’ve got to stay alive.

“When I gaze into your soft brown eyes, I can’t forget the good times we’ve had. If you get taken away by a giant wave or another man, and leave me alone, I’ll be brought to my knees and never survive without your warm body next to mine. I’ll never love another brown eyed girl like you.

“Louise, Louise, please stay? My love for you is stronger than my love of life, and I want you to know, if you drown and go on down to Davy Joneses Locker, or find another, I’ll probably die. Some say because you’re a mutt, I could easily get another, but you’ve captured my heart, and I’ll never give it to another. You’re the only dog I’ll ever love.”



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