She joined the gym, got a trainer

who had her run on a treadmill,

swim laps, and her target weight

still eludes her.


Staff members in khakis and polo

shirts lead gym members through

exercises and reward them with

yogurt vegetable parfaits.


Lolita is optimistic, smiles gamely

during her workouts while snacking

on carrots.

If only her legs weren’t so short.


More than half of these Americans

are overweight. Diet without exercise

isn’t enough. So they have been hitting

the gyms and spas around the country.


Eating yogurt vegetable parfaits to help

solve the problem. Ms. Walsh offers

one-on-one, 24-hour care and training

for Lolita at only $1,250 a month.


Lolita is putting on extra pounds

because a dachshund is a breed

prone to getting overweight.









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