Indian Ruins

Composed from a story written by Deborah Hailing called “Hiking Sycamore Canyon.”



Indian Ruins

Sycamore Canyon holds mysterious history

in old Indian ruins where ancient hand prints

adorn sculpted walls and heavy wooden

beams support 800 year old ceilings.


Indian spirits dance around in indigo and brown, letting

me know they’re happy I’ve come to visit, but they’ll

start a war dance should I harm or remove any

remains they inhabit, for it’s all they have left.


The beautiful land their village stands on is owned

by the U.S. and not one dollar was ever paid for it.

Overwhelming numbers came in the name of gold

or land, covering themselves in shame for killing


those, whose spirits guard the ruins of once happy villages

destroyed by greedy illegal immigrants who took what

they wanted and eliminated all in their way, including

animals, buildings, plants and Indians.


The invaders believed the Earth belonged to them

because they had the power to make ceded what they

needed, or wanted. They weren’t aware that  everything

in our world is related and all belonged to the Earth,


The invaders didn’t understand it wasn’t them who weaved

the web of life. They were but strands of the web blowing in

the winds of time. What harm they did to the web, they did to

themselves and as a result, their spirits are forever gone,


but those of their victims remain.


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