I arrive on an intense wave of electromagnetic radiation

to paint the world with colors and hues

I’ll snip from a rainbow that has seven I can take

but black isn’t one It’s missing from the colors allowed

so in the middle of the evening I’ll have to paint

the night in a different light while I dream

I can paint and create a new world when asleep

and if I do you will never know who changed

every color you used to see

I’ll stick a hose into the first polychromatic-rainbow I see

and siphon blue and green to spill onto the sky to create

 turquoise clouds with an orange sky all held together

by buttery cream-colored string

I’ll paint pictures in the sky of a golden-hued heaven

outlined with whirls of red and royal-purple mixed

with a large proportion of love for artistic things

and behind every cloud I’ll have angels sing and play

until night arrives when the clouds hide behind the moon

stars and angels will feel the pull to return to the color they were

or change into creatures only suited for the dark night

If I wasn’t in a dream I’d never know creatures go home

when the sky turns black I use my rainbow hues to alter this

and paint white all the black in the sky until the stars and planets

no longer glow or twinkle they cry and say this nasty world

is no place to be when a man is allowed to choose colors

for the sky and erase the night that many need

to stay alive even the angels don’t want to sing are

in my dream but must do everything I imagine

dreams sometimes change in this one the moon, mars

and stars decide to gather and return my highlighted colors

to the rainbow and turn the snowy-white-sky black again

I’m not discouraged to stop taking rainbow colors to paint the sky and

bright-white over black makes it so planets moon or stars can’t shine

the man in the moon punches a hole in my white sky so the black behind

pours onto the white I put there and the universe spreads it all over the sky

my imagination has died killed by those I painted in an attempt to make them

more beautiful than they were when I tried to paint clouds skies even the moon

and twinkling stars light became the dark night in my dream I wish to be awake

my wish is granted everything is black am I blind when I feel a wall and know I’m okay

as my hand wanders all over the wall in search of one electric switch to light my night and take control again

can you imagine

Written today Sept, 25 by Joe DiBuduo.




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