I’m nothing but a fool

  I believed when my human heart was told

at birth that the poor would inherit the earth, and

I’d be loved even if I had no wealth, as my inheritance

           would ride in on the tide after I died.

I believed it didn’t matter if I was born high or low

I supposed even if I was no prophet that if my skin

was pigmented brown or yellow, I ‘d be considered

a good fellow, equal to those lucky enough to have

               white skin to begin.

I believed all this when I looked to the sky and got hooked

by atmospheric blue, white clouds, and other colors that had no mother

but mingled together as if they were rainbow colors that equally shared

the firmament and proudly displayed every tint, tone and shade there was in

the palette of the one who hand painted the sky and at the closing of the day

                               with delight, put out the lights at night.

I believed that forgetting my pride and getting on my knees was

the key to show I adored you and unafraid prayed without shame

when I declared, I cared and my deep love for you made me beg

                 your name and wish that you’d feel the same.

With greed and the need for your love, I stayed on my knees

until they hurt and my two legs felt like broken eggs.

I thought it wouldn’t hurt when you said you were tired, but gave

                what I admired and desired to so many others.

I believed compassion was in fashion with a passion, until I saw

those without an ounce of kindness renounce consideration and

grow duller next to any color they passed, when they cast discrimination

onto others hoping to achieve their goals without selling their souls, like I

must do if I take what I wanted from the sky and hoped I didn’t die.

I believed the air I breathed was as pure as my thoughts,

but I despaired when like the wind, my mind traveled to bordellos

and other places with faces that were considered dirty because of

the things they had to do to survive and were considered polluted.

I believed animals that weren’t fleet, were here for me to eat, until the day,

I looked into the eyes of a cow standing in the slaughterhouse

line and saw into its mind where terror and pain mingled when she

thought of having her throat cut and the memories of her Calf getting put

into a dark box to become veal for humans to eat as tender meat.

I believed then that all living things could think and feel just like me until I found

how cruel, like hard jewels the unabridged world was full of prejudiced people

like farmers and their wives who after a day or two, destroyed their neighbor’s lives

so they could survive? I wondered if it hurts to live after dismissing other lives?

Who created such a harsh place? Maybe a mortal man or creature

who knows too much and is not afraid to touch dreams of peace and content

that were only illusions painted in unsuspecting minds before life began.

I came to believe all life here was only part of a survival game blamelessly

played by other worldly beings who only made this world to place their unjust

assessments on the other side of space, so they’d never be used where they lived

to cause pain and dissolution as it did here. By sending angry thoughts and

desires to inflict pain and suffering here, hoping their world became ideal.

I no longer believed any alive on this world had a soul, because we’re

created as game pieces with a name to be manipulated and used until

our time gets cut short by a participant in that game called, Life.

The amused beings who played sent us hallucinations so that

We’d believe we were really alive.

  Because I believed, I believe I’m nothing but a fool

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