I’m not as smart as

I’m not as smart as I once thought it has been shown to me
on this day when standing by a tree, one of those I believed
beneath my intellect, physical strength, and splendor,

with a voice as sweet as nectar from a peach sang with lyrics
I understood were good, even though I found the language bizarre
as any star heaped with flowers and I heard the command,

“You’re not as smart as you thought you are, because you don’t
appreciate that though different, individuals all have flair far
surpassing any, you may have.

Some can write and give light, while others paint without constraint or
complaint. Others build and create dreams far better than any you’ll ever
have. Some have strengths you only dream about when indoors or out.

There are so many out there, who have beauty you’ll only see in your dreams.
So when you begin to believe you’re grander than any other, you must recall that
everyone has been given at least one gift that is greater than any you’ll ever have.

You should still thank God for all he has given you until today when allowing
you to look in the mirror and see what you believe to be a handsome face, and for
that, you thank God, but listen when you hear a whisper in your ear that’ll say,

“Fool, do you think you have enough grace for God to give you a pleasing face?”


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