I’d Rather Be Blind

I’d rather be blind than see on TV, places where
kids are tortured because of an archaic belief.
Do I have to see hospitals destroyed with kids inside
whose time is brief. Babies smother and die when
oxygen is destroyed by bombs aimed at hospitals and tents.

I’d rather be blind than have in mind how we treat animals’ and,
grow them for daily food, and how baby cows are kept in a dark
pen by hired men to become veal. Dogs and cats in a cage waiting
to be executed because their owners dumped them on the street
without anything to eat, or they got lost without a chip.

I’d rather be blind than see a wounded dog who has just
fought another in the dust. Because the dog lost he’s about
to be burned alive. Puppies are born only to be sold to people
who have no clue they can be cruel. They think it’s okay to beat
the pup if it doesn’t learn to be perfect and do what’s expected.

I’d rather be blind than see kittens in a sack about to be
dropped off of a bridge into the flowing water below. I never want
to see, but I do, cats and kittens set afire or thrown into a burning barrel,
or look into the back of the truck that comes to pick up the corpses
of euthanized cats for schools, so students can practice cutting through
skin, veins, and bones.

I’d rather be blind than see a cow forced to go into the
slaughter house where she and her daughter will die in one
of the many ways they’re murdered. Sometimes they don’t
die fast enough and are hung on hooks while still alive and
no matter how they cry, they’re skinned alive.

I’d rather be blind than see air filled with particles blocking the
sun and filling the air with elements that make it hard to breathe.
It’s upsetting to realize our world is overrun with people, and there’s
no room for wild animals, but always enough space to raise the ones
we torture, kill, and eat.

I’d rather be blind than see the animals and birds we eat crowded
into cages only big enough for one and that goes for pigs and
chickens too. Passing the meat section in a store shows me
parts of animals that were alive the day before, but no more.

I’d rather be blind than see you walk away from me because
you say we’re too different. You eat dead animals and I won’t,
but I forgive you, for you know not what you do. Most people
are like you and have never imagined what it’s like, and never
stop to think the meat they eat was alive and loved others in
their lives that were taken away and killed before their turn

I’d rather be blind than see pets try to please their human masters
in every way, every day, because they know, they could be served
as dinner if they didn’t show love. They understand they could be
beat or worse by their owners who have very right under man made
law to torture and kill their pets if they don’t obey.

I’d rather be blind than see people go to church and pray that day,
that they’ll be good enough for heaven when they die, and almost all
believe they’ll go to that place in the sky where good people go, but
they don’t know, all the animals they have tortured, killed and ate
will be there to judge, and certainly won’t show love.



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