I wanted to write a pretty poem about growing up, but these are the words that came from my head!

My Excuse Is,

Born with original sin on my soul. It helped me understand, that
in this land, the hand that slapped my ass to make me squall showed
I was loved, my Mom said, as the perpetual gleam in her eyes shone
brighter than ever before when she showed her love.

With but a fraction of my life gone by, I took action
in the name of love, to show my affection to every girlfriend
I knocked to the ground but found many didn’t want to be undeniably
loved like that.

Some, surprised by my love, called the police and they showered
me with brotherly love as they spanked my face until I went
to another place. Unable to show my affection to the police,
when released, I searched for a girlfriend to show my need.

In the Palace bar, I found one, dancing with a jerk. To do my deed,
I showed my brotherly affection and struck him in the face before I
took her away. Once home I showed my love with a few light smacks to
her face.

To my wonder, she whacked me back, hard, right between my eyes.
I returned it with one that took all my strength.
She didn’t cry Like girls usually did. Her knee slammed
into my crotch. Convinced she loved me more than I did her,

I went a step further and like the love addict I was, kicked her
until she fell to the floor. To show I adored her more than
any other man. I stepped on her face with love in my heart.
Love hurts, I knew but didn’t know one could die from it

until the police came and showed they still loved me until my
eyes swelled shut. So you see judge, that’s why I don’t deserve to
die in the electric chair in despair because I only wanted to show
I loved her more.

One Response to I wanted to write a pretty poem about growing up, but these are the words that came from my head!

  1. Joe, I really think this one is fantastic..It took you step by step till the end…Very Good !!!!

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