I have no control over what it makes me do..

I have no control over what it makes me do..

I no longer choose musical blues. What am I to do
when I can no longer be true to music that liberates my soul?
Have I lost control when I hear men crying about how their women
treat them mean and sleep with another man.

I know it’s all true, but it makes me blue to hear how
mean women can be, when I know there’s so many
beautiful qualities they hold and men like me can
never be caring, compassionate, or loving as they.

It’s not that we don’t care, or want to be like them,
it’s the fact that we possess a Y that they don’t have,
and can never be as dangerous, aggressive or violent as we.
But since the old days, they have their ways to hurt a man,

because they possess two X’s,and think differently than
those of us who only have one X and a Y.
Mother Nature gives women soft beautiful features that often
lead to deceit and they don’t treat us so sweet.
Our twisted DNA compels us to be the way we are.

So when I listen to the blues, I think of the 23 pairs of
Chromosomes floating around inside that make me a man.
I ask the powers above to send me a woman so unique that
I’ll sing the blues because she’ll have three X’s instead of two.

That’ll make her unlike all of those who came before and
she’ll know what to do when she hears me singing the blues
because she has been untrue but she’ll show me her extra X
and say, I have no control over what it makes me do.

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