Landing on a planet, orbiting Dog Star 343 I find life there has enticing eyes I’m entranced and fall in love with a creature that looks like my dog back on Earth.

The animal metamorphoses in my mind, and becomes as pretty as luminous space dust, as sharp as any rotating piece of space junk, and as desirable as all the treasures discovered on Uranus.

My oxytocin flows like a river of pleasure. I can’t resist this she-dog. We have offspring cuter than any celestial being I have ever seen.

But hybrid children under intergalactic law must be terminated before I leave.

They’re loved by me, but I have sworn to uphold the universal law to eradicate them all.

Their immense chocolate eyes inquire why, and my emotions won’t allow me to do what I must. My crew will eliminate me along with them if I refuse. True love won’t allow

for me to be so cruel. I make my own law and kill my crew to save those that look like me, and now it’s true when I say my wife is a dog.

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