Around Prescott Arizona there’re many, many hiking and biking trails that takes a person through trees, around water, over rocks, and up mountains. I wonder why they aren’t filled with people walking their dogs, their partners, their kids, and maybe their cats. Is it that they don’t dare, or are they in despair? If despair is the reason, I’d like them to know that not only will hiking or biking dissolve their gloom, it’s claimed by those who know, and aren’t ashamed to say,” A hike or a ride a day will delay the aging of your veins. Your gains will help your brain and keep the doctor away.

Don’t view walking as work when putting in a few miles; don’t be afraid of the sun, wind or rain?  “Be a man,” I say, “even if you’re a woman. Come out and meet Mother Nature .You’ll be surprised how welcoming she is where natural things dwell and life begins. If you hike or ride over her roads, she’ll share beautiful treasures held in reserve for free.”

How many insects are there that have never seen a human in their domain? Is that why they come to ours?  Do spiders want us as pets? What about snakes and birds, do they come to visit for fun, or do they want to see what makes us tick?

Most people say they like to hike, or bike, but why are all the trails around here empty? Can cars and motorized shopping carts be blamed? Should TV be against the law?  Shouldn’t they be banned to abolish obesity and lethargy because some are too lazy to walk or to get off the couch?

Should there be a test administered to every citizen, to see if they can walk a mile and still smile. Those who can’t should be sent across the border and made to walk back if they want to live here and save Medicare.

Those who cross our borders should be given the smile a mile test, and if passed, they’d be welcome here as natural citizens because they can still walk and keep on ticking like a clock.

What’re we put here for if not to interact with nature? It’s not natural to sit and watch TV all day or to eat more than we need? So it’s time to say, “Listen to what Nature has to say before we forget what’s available to us.”

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