Heaven Has Changed



The day to die had come and

the light at the end of the tunnel

beckoned me with promises of

delights told by others who’ve

died and come back to life.


It was going to be great to see

my family and friends who’ve

passed away long before I came

this way and I could hardly wait

to see if they wore angel wings.


My mother waited for me and must

have been blinded by heavens light

because she said, “Who are you and

what are you doing here?


My father who had been a good man

his entire earthly life was feared for the

beatings he administered, just for fun to

all who hung around heaven’s gate



My brothers fought one another and any

friends I thought I might have had became

as ferocious as a hungry lion when

I only said hello.


I searched for God so I could sit at his right hand

and keep all those corrupted souls away? I found

him dressed in an wizard’s smock with a creative

wand in his hand making stars, comets, and other things.


Too busy creating things, he didn’t know that

his heaven had gone to hell.


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