Has there ever been Anyone Here or There

I believe and perceive insanity has arrived and I’m not deprived

when I look again and whales swim overhead as I walk around

on yellow clouds with angel shoes on a road constructed

from yellow clouds leading to heaven if there’s no misstep

when wearing those shoes that destroy a rain-drop

that’s sent down below where broken souls go and

rain-drops bring cool moisture there to cool extreme

heat intended to punish transgressors who refused to

put on the shoes

and refused to see the magical road leading to the five-star

province without end suspended in time and interstellar space

It’s so lonely when there are empty shoes in a pile beside the clouds

that are beneath obsolete webbed feet that enable me to stand tall

on any creamy yellow cloud or road

but a pair of those angel shoes are needed to find the way across

the sky when upside down and my feet kick white clouds pushing

away from the golden grains of yellow onto clouds of red to instill

thoughts that come from the creation factory out there creating

flickering feelings and sending them this way

they transmit hundreds every day to put heat in every heart that often

becomes shattered and scattered into little pieces like when a hammer

hits frozen glass and some pieces become remorse and others quickly

convert to celebrity joy and compassion flickering like a traffic light in

a cloudy night changing from green to yellow to red and back again

changing and enlightening thoughts that never stop until fate takes control

and death arrives to stabilize the light to make it clear there has never been

anyone here or there

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