Good and Evil

Good and Evil

I try to compose the way I think, but get stuck on words and
hardly know how to make them flow or which to put first or last.

When I don’t think what readers want and just unconsciously write
with delight, the words flow together like melted butter on toast.

I try to tap into that part of me I cannot see, where those words
and memories are, so I can write poetic prose.

My subconscious mind knows so much more that has happened before and
without giving me a choice, tells me who to love and who to hate.

Certain colors please my eyes and my mind is so far behind what I already know.
I want to see beauty, but buried deep are disagreeable thoughts that travel through me.

They take away my choice to love or hate and won’t allow me to decide.
Thoughts that bubble to the surface articulate what they want me to do.

Is my mind invaded by an outsider who plays with me and makes choices I despise?
Is it instinct when anger or jealousy takes control? I wonder who’s the governor of my soul?

Are thoughts planted in my head before I think of them? Is my soul
under a mechanism put there by a mysterious evil force?

Is it God or the Devil who tells me what to do, or do they battle over what I think?
I can be saintly or evil; depending on thoughts I’m allowed.

When I get drunk, evil seems to take over and I say and do things
I wouldn’t if my mind had the ability to switch away from beliefs I don’t want.

Artistic thoughts at times fill my mind and I believe they’re sent from a benevolent God
and when horrible thoughts bounce around in my brain, I pray.

Please put a governor on those thoughts before I’m compelled to pursue and
do what they want me too.

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