Going for a ride

We take our bikes out where there are no cars and the right to ride
a long way is ours without worrying about getting hit by a driver
who would ask who we think we are to ride on a road made for cars.

But there’s danger here we didn’t know as we rode down the trail with no worries
at all, until we saw the sign that said, “Mountain lions are here.” How out of
breath we got pedaling as fast as we could to get away when we heard a roar

and all knew the lion wanted one of us for lunch. We sped away in a bunch and I
the only man there led the way, and without despair thought it fair that the lion
eat tender meat and that wasn’t me.

To be sure, I crashed into Toni’s bike so she couldn’t go faster than me and get away.
Staci saw what I did and thought the lion would like me better than her, so she waved
to entice the lion to leave Toni alone and prefer to come to where we were.

I stopped to look at her and said, “I hope we meet again,” as I rode away, but not fast enough because the ground was rough and not good enough. Stacy passed by me, laughing all the way because she thought I’d make a better lunch and there’d be enough

for the lion to use me for brunch. I thought the lion would like her more than me, so I stuck a stick in her wheel as I sped past, and heard the Lion roar as though the beast
was thanking me for the feast.


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