What goes on in the mind is unknown

For people like me and you, visual imagery

can change our worlds. Meditation relieves

stress and silences the chattering in our brains,

by emptying the remains of harmful thoughts.


Our subconscious removes barriers and the truth

is, we experience self-hypnosis when zoning out

by altering our brain wave states through hypnosis

and meditation that reach the same place by an alpha state


that opens the road to our unconscious minds where

unwanted behaviors can be changed. To get over love

or hate that we carry as freight, all we need to do is alter

our perceptions of things we can’t seem to control.


If we believe, we can leave our bodies behind and say farewell

and dwell in another world or place while forgetting pains and

addictions life has bestowed upon our fragile bodies that are only

avatars for our conscious minds.


Using bodies for pleasure is out of date and soon only spiritual minds

of all kinds will inhabit the universe and hurting and injuring others will

cease to exist on everybody’s list, because our minds will only have words

and thoughts to prove, even if we can’t move, that we’re alive.



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