God, Are You There?

God, Are You There?


She got a degree in theology

and could now speak directly

to God she claimed and wasn’t



“I don’t believe in him, because I know

not why we exist and why all things must

die. So tell me, does God answer you?”


“He let’s me know what he wants me

to do here down below in many different

ways, sometimes in a haze.


Can’t you see the world, the birds the

trees the colorful fish and the beautiful

animals he created just for us?”


“Yes I can, but I’ve been told man is made in

the image of God. If that’s true, how cruel God

must be, because of how we treat each other

and all the things you describe above.”


“It may be true that some people are cruel, but

there are many like me who try to do what’s

right and follow in Jesus’ footsteps.


“You have to ask him to let you believe. Do

I have your permission to pray for you?”


Sure, but you’re wasting your time, I said,

went home and went to bed. Her prayers were

answered. God came to me in my dreams

and for hours we discussed my reason for being


“It’s too bad I can’t remember a thing he said.”

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