“Give Me Head!”


We began imagining such grafts centuries ago. One telling has it that the Hindu god Ganesha was beheaded by his father and revivified thanks to a donated elephant’s head. Fast-forward to the 1920s, and H. P. Lovecraft was writing about Herbert West preserving severed heads in a “vat of pulpy reptile-tissue”, ready to be attached to fresh bodies. Today, heads or brains in jars are a staple of pop culture, mostly played for horror, sometimes for comedy.

Imagine that a  promising ball player, (Black or Hispanic) gets shot in the head. Ted Williams’ head is sewn onto the body, (He’d be a truly interracial man)  and he beats his own home run record. Then there’s a dispute whether to add the home runs to the old Ted Williams or the rejuvenated one? Or something like that.

Should I write this story???????

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