I choose to amuse myself by going to shows

and chasing after girls as if they were pearls.

Doing that leaves my creative urges in a lurch

so I feel like I need to go to church.


I get tired and need to focus on inspired ideas

planted in the capsule of my mind by my muse,

the universe, or some power that gives me one

every hour and wants to see what I’ll create.


It keeps me awake, but I throw them all away

and they decay or refuse to stay when I’m in a haze

and watching plays, or girls who use veils and their

belly’s when they dance to put me in a trance.


Imagery of trees and typewriter keys made from glass

and coffee cans are the perfect design for making music

when the wind moves them through the air, and proves

they hold musical notes waiting to escape with the slightest breeze.


It’s up to me to take those images from inside my head

where they’ll never become real, and turn them

into 3-D  stuff, like wings or beating hearts to

inspire lovers of art to start appreciating what lies within.


Today I loosened the chains and decided to do what

I was sent here to. With a smile, I’ll give up frivolous

endeavors that have briefly divided me and my talent, so

it’s time to start doing what comes from my heart.


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