Fisher Creatures



We found the dogs in a feeding frenzy, “They probably caught a rabbit,” Jacques said when he saw the bloodstained snow.

“I swear I saw a flying saucer land right there,” I pointed to a circle of melted snow, but nothing else was visible

Jacques walked close to where the dogs ate and said, “There’s something happening to the dogs, we only had four, now there’re eight.”

As we watched what had been eight dogs became sixteen. They’d cough out a ball of flesh like material that instantly expanded into a duplicate of the dog that choked it out.

“Run, we’ve got to get away before we get infected with whatever it is they’ve got.” Jacques said, and started running down the hill.

He stopped halfway down and started coughing. I watched as he too choked up a round ball of flesh that once it hit the snow grew into an exact copy of Jacques. Terrified, I ran down the hill followed by thirty two dogs and four Jacques.

I didn’t go near the area of melted snow that Jacques and all the dogs did. I knew they must have gotten infected there. I had to warn the villagers before the infection spread. I should have known I couldn’t outrun the dogs. I was bowled over when one flew into my legs and stood over me dripping drool onto my face.

Whatever infected the dogs worked at amazing speed. One minute the dog drooled in my face, the next I’m choking up a ball of flesh that instantly became a likeness of me, not only a likeness, but another me. I was thinking in stereo and within a few minutes I doubled again and had quadraphonic thoughts.

The dogs ran through the village infecting everyone. I knew we’d make the Guinness book of world records for the fastest growing village in the world.

I now used eight different brains to figure out this was a gift if it could be controlled somehow. I’m doubling every few minutes and now I’m thinking with sixteen brains and I realized with this infection under control, one cow could feed the world.

What looks like a flying city hovers over the village and drops a magnetic web that somehow attracts every living thing to it. The web is hauled up into the craft and dumped onto a vast empty space. Humans and animals alike convulse, gasping for air in this airless place. Two legged creatures are picked up by pointed gaffes and thrown overboard. I watch the bodies spin until they hit the ground. All other gasping life forms are pushed into a hole in the floor and I can see it’s lined with ice to keep them fresh.

I overhear one fisher-creature ask another. “Why do we need to throw the two legged ones back?”

“Too many toxins in them.”

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