For the first time ever, I agree with Sheriff Joe.

Our flag represents everyone of us. Sometimes our government makes bad choices, (Actually a lot of times it does,) but we don’t disown the black sheep in our families and I can’t disown the flag that so many have died for believing it stood for liberty. (Today, that’s is questionable.) But our flag is our flag as our brother is our brother, right or wrong.

So bread and water isn’t much of a punishment for dishonoring those who have suffered truly horrible fates while honoring our flag.


This is the petition to protest the treatment of those desecrating the flag. I hate to see people under the authority of the state be punished, but in this case I feel it’s well deserved and recommend no one sign this petition.



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One Response to For the first time ever, I agree with Sheriff Joe.

  1. Lu Pavelka says:

    I agree with you Joe. Things may not always go the way we think they should here in the good ‘ol US of A, but our flag stands for Freedom – If someone dishonors it, maybe they should be sent back to their country of origin.

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