Expanding Horizons

Expanding Horizons


As I age, my mind opens wide

and my heart softens so much

that I can no longer bear to see,

hear, or read on a page what

takes place around the world.


I can no longer squash a bug

or even spray to keep them

away. Am I a traitor to my

race by believing insects have

as much right to live as we?


When I think of a cow’s

round brown eyes looking at

me without an evil thought, to

eat a pieceof  her meat in my

aged mind is an unforgivable sin.


If she only knew someone like

me would cut her throat and

butcher her and her babies for

meat to eat, the look in her

eyes would surely change.


I begin to think that anything

alive should be allowed to live

out its life without interference

from the likes of me; and now when

I even pull a weed, I tell it, “I’m sorry.”


Is it right for so many lives to be taken

so I can survive? If I were to design a

world of my own, there would be no

need to kill and eat other living things.

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