Eternal Sleep.



Eternal Sleep.


I had a dream last night where I was

supreme and had so much money and

fame that everybody knew my name.


When awake, nobody knew any of my

prose or me, but everybody knew because

I drank, my bank account was a blank.


I judge my life when I’m asleep and when

awake, I perceive there’s no reprieve and

yearn to return to my nighttime world.


When I’m there all is fair, and women gift wrap

their love for me and give it to me underneath a

tree. Like a sailor on shore I couldn’t shut the door.


Similar to a sinking whale, they’d dance, sing, and

even prance to get me to make an advance. My daytime

women treated me as though I was made of ice?


That world was s a hurtful place and I only took up

space, until reality smacked me in the face and my

morality decided, I’d rather be asleep than awake.







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