She’s no fool, but even if brought to her

knees, a pediatric nurse is what she

wants to be.


On her interview she was gravely told,

“You’ll sometimes have to assist when

babies are born and you’ll see that,


because mothers drank from a jug

or did drugs, their ravaged infants

struggle to stay alive.


You’ll pray they survive, but babies that

have been damaged by adults often arrive

in the E.R. and sometimes die.


You’ll mourn when you have to wash

and dress the babies that die before

and after they’re born.


In the dark you may think they’d be

better off dead, and to lighten your load,

you’ll need a drink.


“Do you still want the job?” she is asked

and says she’ll do all of the above, because

when they die, they’ll all go to heaven.


She’ll also try to help tiny boys and girls,

eaten away by a fatal disease for which

there is no cure, especially for the poor.


She’ll draw blood and stick needles into

those tiny veins, believing it makes gains

and improves their chances to stay alive.


She must be divinely inspired to want

a job like this. It must be true that

a nurse like her is an Earth-angel.

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