A Doggy Kiss

The sun hid, the wind blew, and my
feet complained when I explained
I had to pad them for being bad by
putting on my running shoes.

My first uncertain step sent fire shooting
up my legs and my feet were mashed like
the yolks of a dozen eggs under 200 pounds
of pounding weight.

My brain hadn’t received its hormonal feast
and almost became deceased from eating
at a midnight meeting, and was in dire
need to achieve some uplifting endorphins.

I trudged on regardless of the burn and despair
because I learned to survive when I’ve been in
serious pain and deprived of the love hormone
known as ocytocin.

Out of nowhere came a ball of brown fur with
a deep throated bark, causing the hairs on my
arms and legs to defensively rise as it surged
toward me.

I couldn’t go back, so I braced for an attack,
I came to a stop, and got ready to drop the hound
in the first round with a powerful punch at the fur-ball
that rushed at me.

Not understanding why the universe sent a dog to get
me like some branch of a star it wanted retrieved.
Standing at the ready, I yelled, “Come on. We’ll soon
see who’s going to win.

The brown dog ran as fast as he could toward me.
I went into a crouch, ready to kick, when to
my surprise, I saw the dog was only an overgrown pup
that leaped at me and kissed me right on my lips.

Instantly my oxytocin started to flow down below.
The sun came out, the wind ceased to blow, and
the burning fire in my veins vanished like yesterday’s

To be loved by an unknown dog that wanted to run
with me, was a gift sent from somewhere, and I say
thank you for the taste of joy and for letting a dog
kiss me with only love in its heart.

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