Doggie Discrimination

Doggie Discrimination


Make tracks back to your cage where

you’ll be marked on a page that counts

the days until you’ll be euthanized because

you’re black.


You’re never coming back. It’s not your fault.

We know if you had a choice you’d rejoice, but

your color dooms you to the room where death awaits.


Please don’t feel discriminated against. It happens

to black cats and humans too, and it isn’t because

they’re mean, it’s because they’re black or in between.


Shelters sometimes decorate black animals in gaudy,

colorful scarves to add some appealing colors to  create

loving feelings by masquerading that they have black fur.


Repulsion to black is often subconscious, but ingrained,

obtained at an early age, not only to creatures of other

colors, but ingrained in some who wear a black coat of their own .


It’s all because BLACK is seen as bad, dangerous, scary and ugly,

and makes living in this world  tougher for anyone or anything that’s



but Johnny cash wore that color on his white skin and was feared by no one.

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