Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Does it matter that there’s so much more

dark matter than what we can see.

Do our egocentric thoughts prevent us

from seeing the truth as they did until

Galileo came along.


Scientists now say what we can see is only 4%

of what’s out there. Dark matter, dark energy,

makes up the remainder of our universe. So

open your eyes to see there’s things that exist

which go beyond human vision.


Do we exist atop a shadow universe made from

matter we can’t see? Could it be that like high

pitched sounds that are beyond human hearing,

there are places our eyes don’t tune into? I wear

3-D glasses to look at the sky, but they must be

the wrong frequency, because all I see is stars.


Do shadowy people live in the dark? If they do,

are we like a lit up movie screen or a computer

game they watch and control? Are our thoughts

our own. When we finally learn how to see the

dark side of our universe, will they listen to us,

or will it be like a movie screen talking back to us?


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