My Dad always said, “Bees can be trusted but you must remember, the only
true friend you’ll ever have after you finish school is the money in your pocket
and not words your pretend friend will say when he wants to take your money.

My Dad should know because one friend of his on the way from Italy to the USA
took his eye and didn’t care if Dad died, then took his money.
Dad got to Ellis Island without one friend, one dollar, and only one eye.

He could clearly see to be welcome here; he needed not one eye, but two, to
pass inspection by the doctors there. So he went beneath the deck and in the
dark and dirty hold found a turtle with eyes the color of his.

“I’m your friend,” he said, “and I need to take one eye to use today, but
you can see okay with only one, I know because, my friend took one of mine.”
The turtle’s eyes glowed before he tore an eye from its head and used it as his own

to pass through the inspection line where those deformed, sick, or missing a body part
were sent back to where they came from. He got ashore and stayed for life because with only one eye he wasn’t welcome anywhere else, until he got one made of glass

that fooled everyone but my mom who loved him she said, but never let him forget his missing eye when she’d say, “You one eyed Italian bastard .” That happened a lot because his missing eye was the one to pick up clues that she needed more sex than he could give

and he didn’t see that with his other eye. That’s why I choose a woman instead of a man for a friend. She may take my money and steal my heart, but never, never take an eye, and she’d never mislead me, or call me half-breed any time during the day.

But I always keep cash in my pocket to be sure, I always have friends.


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