The Creator

An incredible power sprang into being as I straddled the moon one afternoon. It allowed me to create what I was fated to do, by using projections from my mind. I looked into dark and empty space where I created a circle of blue, and a square of white with gold stripes. I threw both into the air, and, absorbing energy from my mind, they lit the sky.


I created a globe and oblong shapes that looked like a bunch of grapes. They floated in the sky I made, and the urge to create became relentless. I fashioned fissionable parts, some with hearts, to fill that empty place I called space. It filled with so many shining creations that I needed to make more room for all I was creating. I couldn’t stop. I had to create more stars and more planets, and they became so many that I needed to send them into outer space.


After I had this dream of how an artist we call God, couldn’t stop his creative urge, and made planets, stars and the universe, I understood why and how, the grand design came to be.

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