I spend my time writing poems and stories

for people to read. When I finish composing,

it’s my job to go to facebook, twitter, and

plenty of other sites to announce to the world

that what I’ve written is out there and for sale.


I’m forced to send query’s to agents and publishers

alike, in the hopes they’ll like the words I put on

200 or more pages enough to print it for me.

Before they’ll do that, to earn some bread and wine,

I’m forced by the slime, to sign on the dotted line.


If I could understand every printed word, I’d never

give my rights away. But the size of the words are

always smaller than an ant. If I could understand,

I’d never sign on that last line, far behind so many

pages of lingo that only a lawyer understands.


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One Response to Contracts

  1. GarryRogers says:

    Hi Joe, I have your social media spots covered. There should be a “subscribe” widget you can add to this website/blog that will let people follow by entering their email address. Then they will get an email whenever you post something. You can also add a “follow” button. It is a third-party add-on. Most people prefer to follow a site using the widget or the widget. You can get the widgets from those sites. Garry

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