Colors We Love & Hate

A tree as twisted as an electrified snake,
grew from green slime coated water,
displaying glowing red and orange flowers,
emitting wave lengths with enough strength
to vibrate throughout my brain,

compelling me to get close to the incomparable
colors that only a true artist could have created.
I prayed that I’d be brave enough to venture
into weed filled water where glowing eyes
brighter than flowers floated above the water line.

Beneath the eyes were mouths of predators, big and
small, waiting to dine on me like I was a fine wine.
Undeterred, my prayers were heard, I continued
my quest and hoped to pass any test by using my
eyes to absorb every radiant color reflected by swamp water.

My skin became arranged and changed to the flower’s colors
and forgetting my fears I had for years, I stepped into the water
and lost a leg, a hand, and then an arm to a gator that wanted
lunch. My blood shimmered in brighter colors than those of the
flowers until it stopped when I willed it too before I dropped.

I hugged the tree and we became an inseparable pair.
Our life’s blood colored everything near and far. Where
we lived became a magical place and in our space even
Van Gogh could never have begun to match and paint the
colors we love and hate.

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