Live the life you believe in and begin

to sin, because if you don’t you’ll

die full of regrets and without cigarettes

despite the health threats.


Though gaunt you’ll never go for a jaunt

when muses haunt and you try to resist not

to make the choice you know is right. Rejoice,

or pay the price. To suffice, that won’t be nice.


Choices are hard to make when you’re

half awake and not sure if it’s poor or

maybe premature, but take a chance

even if you’re in a trance go ahead and dance


if it feels right or suffer for the rest of your life.

Memories of the choices you didn’t make will

be of concern if you didn’t learn the trouble you

made when you didn’t choose right, and you sang.


If you were wrong you knew all along you’d sing

your last song, so be strong, nothing is worse than to

live and not be alive because you were scared

to make a choice and couldn’t rejoice


for choosing  to  live  the life given to you


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