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For the first time ever, I quit a hike I attempted Wednesday Oct 19.

Had my pacemaker adjusted and since then can’t catch my breath when walking up hills. I never had this problem before I was talked into getting a pacemaker. I didn’t need it and now would like to have it removed. But, I can’t do it arbitrarily as Amazon has done with its book reviews!  …

Deniro wants to punch Trump. Trump wants to punch anybody.

Imagine how much money this fight would bring in. Deniro could donate his share to charity and Trump of course would donate his share to the Trump Foundation!  

Crime A Day


Love What

I worry that at the closing of the day, I may run out and will be lost without, so I take the shortest route to replenish my supply of the one thing I need to color the wings of my world with shades of gold If I go without, darkness descends and I get what…

Van Gogh  



None of the Above

The election didn’t matter I thought, until I saw all the lies the candidates spouted every time they came on TV. They must think Hitler was right, because they tell so many fabrications that people begin to believe what’s said is true. Both believe it was right to invade Iraq, and we all know both…

Why pay $183 and up for a machine signed hat???

Are you going to give a billionaire $183. for a machine signed hat that says, “Make America Great?” It already is, so why waste your money? For the same price I’ll send you an authentically signed book written by me with a personal message of your choosing of up to 200 words. For a few…

My newest novel


Dog Meat

John’s watching the boob tube, by himself on Saturday night again. What’s wrong with him, he wonders for the thousandth time. He’s practically a virgin at Twenty-seven years old. It’s been so long. Why in the hell couldn’t he find a woman to spend time with? Spend time, hell, have sex with. There are women…