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Lockheed’s Laser Cannon Shoots Drones Out of the Sky, No Fuss

Don’t mess with ATHENA. That’s the Advanced Test High Energy Asset to you and me, and it’s Lockheed’s astonishingly destructive laser cannon. It’s been developing the weapon in order to take down drones without messy—and position-revealing—recourse to anything as crass as bullets. By focusing a high-intensity 30-kilowatt laser beam at the airframe of a drone, Lockheed…

The Contest

Kate Robinson and I collaborated on this book for years. Finally, it’s close to publication.  

Today’s protesters can learn from this violence free protest.

On this day in 1963, more than 200,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C., for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, now known as the March on Washington . The march was the brainchild of civil rights activists A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, who once said, “We need, in every community, a group of angelic…

Pure bullshit!

It was a strange moment of triumph against racism: The gun-slinging white supremacist Craig Cobb, dressed up for daytime TV in a dark suit and red tie, hearing that his DNA testing revealed his ancestry to be only “86 percent European, and … 14 percent Sub-Saharan African.” The studio audience whooped and laughed and cheered….


The Salem Witch Trials

Salem Town, Massachusetts, beginning what would become known as the Salem Witch Trials. The hysteria had begun in Salem Village (now Danvers, Massachusetts) in January of that year; a few preteen and teenage girls, including the daughter of Samuel Parris, the village’s minister, began acting strangely and having fits, insisting that they were being poked…

Finally, hopefully, we’ll get true facts about our government.  

Today is the birthday of the world’s most famous womanizer, Giacomo Casanova,his father, Gaetano Giuseppe Casanova, was an actor and dancer.

Today is the birthday of the world’s most famous womanizer, Giacomo Casanova, born in Venice in 1725. His mother, Zanetta Farussi, was an actress, and his father, Gaetano Giuseppe Casanova, was an actor and dancer. Venice at that time was a kind of Las Vegas of Italy, with its gambling dens and courtesans and whose…

Is this a rip-off??

I send money to an inmate in Pontiac Prison in Illinois and Jpay apparently charges 25%! Pay Pal would make the transaction free or for much less. Some politicians must be making money off this. How can anyone justify a 25% for a simple transaction? There are thousands of prisons in the U.S. so imagine…

No wonder he didn’t have any friends. 995 words

“We’re friends aren’t we Joe?” Billy said just before he stole my girl. That was when I began to think that my dad was right when he said, “The only friend a man has is the money in his pocket.” My problem has always been not having any friends, in or out of my pocket….