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Is this a rip-off??

I send money to an inmate in Pontiac Prison in Illinois and Jpay apparently charges 25%! Pay Pal would make the transaction free or for much less. Some politicians must be making money off this. How can anyone justify a 25% for a simple transaction? There are thousands of prisons in the U.S. so imagine…

No wonder he didn’t have any friends. 995 words

“We’re friends aren’t we Joe?” Billy said just before he stole my girl. That was when I began to think that my dad was right when he said, “The only friend a man has is the money in his pocket.” My problem has always been not having any friends, in or out of my pocket….

A Penis Manologue


Anyone giving a Nazi salute should be required to wear an armband with a Swastika on it. The Nazis made Jews wear a yellow star, so how about a little payback!  

Sooo, maybe we’ll have something similar happen here when illegal immigrants are rounded up??????

  Today is the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass (1938). Hitler and Joseph Goebbels used the assassination of a German diplomat by a Polish Jew as an excuse to organize a “spontaneous” riot. Goebbels told an assembly of National Socialists that “the Führer has decided that […] demonstrations should not be prepared…

Who said white men can’t jump?

Writer’s, there is lots of interesting information on pinterest.  

A Penis Manologue  

Tourists brought entire mummies home to display in their living rooms, and mummy unwrapping parties became popular.

The 1830 artwork “Liberty Leading the People” was created by renowned French painter Eugene Delacroix. The artist is known to have used pigment made from ground mummy. By Kristin Romey Eugene Delacroix’s most famous painting, “Liberty Leading the People,” hangs in a revered spot in Paris’ Louvre Museum. Inspired by the 1830 Paris Uprising, it…

A Penis Manologue Trailer  

For the first time ever, I quit a hike I attempted Wednesday Oct 19.

Had my pacemaker adjusted and since then can’t catch my breath when walking up hills. I never had this problem before I was talked into getting a pacemaker. I didn’t need it and now would like to have it removed. But, I can’t do it arbitrarily as Amazon has done with its book reviews!  …