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#111 Strange Stories  

#110 Where Do We Go

# 110 Where Do We Go Joe banged his beer bottle on the wooden bar at the Beehive Café to get everyone’s attention. A strange looking man, Joe had pointed ears like Spock in Star Trek. He appeared out of nowhere two days earlier and began right away to spout his philosophical views. “Where do…

# 109 One Sided Beauty I decided to continue posting a story a day. This is # 109

# 109 Time Pieter Cornelis Wonder, 1810   One-Sided Beauty   “Hey Einstein, are we going to fire this thing up today or not?” Dr. Field motioned at Dr. Lang who once again checked his calculations before giving the Okay to start the largest atom smasher the world has ever seen. Called Einstein because of…

# 108 The Orphan Train  

# 107

Jackson Broshears, 65th Indiana Infantry was photographed in May 1864, nearly 8 weeks after his release from prison. Library of Congress Captured by Confederates Gilbert Gaul   #107 The Prisoner On the second of March, 1864, General Kilpatrick hand-picked me as one of the four thousand men bound for a raid on Richmond, the capital…

# 106 The Narciccist  

#104 Undine  

#104 Burning Wolf

#104   Burning Wolf A short story By Joe dibuduo. The soldiers told the Laki to camp at Sand Creek and promised they’d be safe from attack there. The sun rose on the horizon as Little Wolf helped his mother pile wood on the outdoor campfire, where she would cook their breakfast. In the distance,…

#103 What If  

#103 What If