Is Reality Real?

I asked my wife if she thought our world was as it seems. “What do you mean?” she asked as she flipped the eggs she was cooking for my breakfast. “I wonder if I’m deceiving myself by believing the world … Continue reading “Is Reality Real?”

I read that men who wear kilts have a higher sperm count than those who wear pants.

In this year, 2048, men with any sperm count at all are considered too masculine to leave the house alone. They must be accompanied by a female household member to assure they don’t waste their sperm on some undeserving woman. … Continue reading “I read that men who wear kilts have a higher sperm count than those who wear pants.”

#163 Art

#163Art Being alone breeds discontent. If only I could find the right one, my life would be filled with joy. Love has eluded me and slipped away so many times before. Hope had disappeared because I was never smart enough … Continue reading “#163 Art”

#139 Gold

#139 Gold Four men wearing straw hats, boots, and nothing else sat in the Honeyhive sipping clear volcano juice flown in daily from Jupiter’s moon, Lo. Others miners who worked the volcanic terrain dressed like those in the Honeyhive. There … Continue reading “#139 Gold”

The complete Molly Story

#135 Another Molly Story  Raphael finished his shift at the foundry, hot and thirsty; he sauntered into Hungarian Joes as a tear jerker country and western song played on the old Wurlitzer Jukebox. He tore the electric cord from the … Continue reading “The complete Molly Story”

#122 The Card Game  

# 115 Chicago

# 115 Chicago Joe looked at the dark and misty sky through the picture window in the bar. “Look at it,” he shouted. “It shrouds the city for days at a time.” “Think warm,” Kathy said, “Picture in your mind … Continue reading “# 115 Chicago”

#114 Imagination

#114 Imagination “Hello, reality. Are you there?” I shouted into empty space. “What do you think?” I heard inside my head. “I’ve been told you’re really not real,” I said “Quantum ideas about me being imaginary abound,” Reality said, “but … Continue reading “#114 Imagination”

#113 Dueling Options

# 113 Dueling Options One gloomy day on my way to the Park Street Subway station, I walked through Boston Commons and felt a tug on my arm. I turned to see a gypsy girl. She motioned for me to … Continue reading “#113 Dueling Options”

#112 Wings

# 112  Wings   A couple got out of an expensive looking car to exam my artistic creations. Desperate to make a sale, I acted nice to this couple from who the hell knows where. “Nice stuff you got here, … Continue reading “#112 Wings”