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Audio, “A Penis Manologue.” Free

A book every man and most women should read or listen to on audio. Audio is free from  

Cryonic Man


Namuh Visits

A 4000 word story about the creator’s son coming to Earth to discover humans eating there cousins and he rectifies the situation.  

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The second edition of “A Penis Manologue” is now available for Kindle.

A Penis Manologue.  

Alto Sax

I won this contest twice now. $100 each time for a short story related to music. You cad November’s winning story here and also my previous winning story if you look for it.  

An excerpt from “The Penis Manologue.”

Men and Guns – What is it about men and guns? Is a gun like a penis extender that makes us feel all manly about being able to blow someone‚Äôs brains out from 50 yards away? Is that manly? Talking about an extender reminds me of condoms, and the most effective condom ad I ever…

Happy Birthday to A Penis Manologue

  My first published book is three years old today. Give it to your significant other as a B-day present.   Buy it at,