#289 Silvery spheres in the sky

  On the way to my “Reading to Write” group at the downtown library, I drove a leisurely seventy five miles an hour in a sixty five zone on 89-A, when out of the corner of my eye I saw … Continue reading “#289 Silvery spheres in the sky”

#287 Dance of the Dead

  “There will be no Halloween activities this year. That day will be treated as any other day,” The 12th grade teacher, Mrs. Olsen announced. “That sucks. What’s with her?” Billy asked Johanna who sat beside him in English Lit. … Continue reading “#287 Dance of the Dead”

#286 Dog Meat

                            Saturday night and John’s watching the boob tube, by himself, again.  What’s wrong with him, he wonders for the thousandth time. Twenty-seven years old, and he’s … Continue reading “#286 Dog Meat”

#285 Pastry

I investigate insurance fraud. The chef at the Ambassador East in Chicago had put in a claim that appeared to be shaky. I went there to do my job and inquired where to find Pastry. I must have chuckled when … Continue reading “#285 Pastry”

#284 Subway Trains

#284 Subway Trains   Growing up in Boston was fun for Joe because he loved to ride the subway and stand in the front car watching the tracks rolling by; a simple pleasure that only cost a dime. He grew … Continue reading “#284 Subway Trains”

#283 Cherry

I should have run and hid when I heard, “Hey kid, come here.” I didn’t and my fear subsided when I saw friendly faces gathered around. But not for long as memories of a big old tree with them grouped … Continue reading “#283 Cherry”

#282 Never Say No

One reason Joe’s parties were always so successful was that he cooked fantastic food to be eaten after the excitement of drinking and dancing had worn down and the party goers all sat around and ate whatever dish Joe had … Continue reading “#282 Never Say No”

#281 For The Birds

When Mary graduated college, she joined the Peace Corps. After taking the required physical, the doctor said, “You have an inoperable brain tumor.” When he told her she couldn’t expect to survive for a year, the unfairness upset her. She … Continue reading “#281 For The Birds”

#279 Multiverse

I knew I shouldn’t have worked around chemicals but I needed to support my family so I did what I had to. A mistake, like practically every decision I’ve made in my life. How different it would have been if … Continue reading “#279 Multiverse”

#278 Naked City, 1976

  Naked City, 1976 I worked every weekend I had a chance to during the summer, because work in construction always slowed down in the cold months. I took a day off figuring I’d do something fun for a change. … Continue reading “#278 Naked City, 1976”