The Creator

An incredible power sprang into being as I straddled the moon one afternoon. It allowed me to create what I was fated to do, by using projections from my mind. I looked into dark and empty space where I created … Continue reading “The Creator”

Flash Fiction, Short enough to read during a coffee break or ???

Happy Days   “Will you marry me?” I asked Shari, a beautiful red-headed woman I wanted for my wife. “I’ve discovered the fountain of youth so we’ll be together for a thousand years.” “I wouldn’t dream of marrying someone like … Continue reading “Flash Fiction, Short enough to read during a coffee break or ???”

A Warning!

A warning   I’m in the purple night among starry clusters speeding home through space from a giant twin to Earth that had been discovered almost 50 years ago, but the distance was so great it would take 63 light … Continue reading “A Warning!”

The geek who arrived at my house wasn’t geeky looking at all.

This is an excerpt from a novel I’m writing. It’s beyond magical realism; perhaps this piece could be called a fantasy, or a dreamscape. *** I called the Geek Squad because I needed help with my computer. The geek who … Continue reading “The geek who arrived at my house wasn’t geeky looking at all.”

The King

    The King   Watching the sky for falling stars on a mountain called Angel Crest with Donna on my lap, a bright campfire, a dreamy star filled night, and fresh picked peyote tea filled my wishes for heaven … Continue reading “The King”

Vincent Speaks To Me

Vincent Speaks To Me  As a graduation present, my parents splurged and sent me to Paris.  Upon arrival, I could hardly believe that I was in the same city where writers such as, Vladmir Nabakov, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and … Continue reading “Vincent Speaks To Me”

Things Happen Way to Fast In New York City.

  Things Happen Way Too Fast in New York City Stepping onto the Greyhound bus in Kansas City, I look into the rearview mirror and see my dad’s old Chevy pickup pulling away. His last words ring in my ears, … Continue reading “Things Happen Way to Fast In New York City.”

The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye   The blues were playing over and over in my head. I went into the Beehive Bar and ordered a double shot of Jack Daniels from Red. “Did somebody die, Joe?” red asked, “You look so sad, … Continue reading “The Last Goodbye”

Robot or Is It Robota

Robot or Is It Robota   “Transsexual robots are here to stay, so get one on sale today. No matter if you’re straight or gay, Robert or Roberta will fulfill your needs and fantasies,” repeated over and over from the … Continue reading “Robot or Is It Robota”


Chicago   Joe looked through the picture window at The End of the bar and saw the misty and dark sky. “Look at it,” he shouted. “It shrouds the city for days at a time.” “Think warm,” Kathy said, “Picture … Continue reading “Chicago”