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A Five Year Old’s Aspirations  

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I’ve published another story in the Chicagoua Cafe series  


I’m the first man ever to land on this beautiful azure blue world that’s almost four times as large as Earth. The bright yellow oceans are hard as steel. I look up to see 13 brilliantly shining moons illuminating the … Continue reading “2049”

A Splendid Plan

As soon as she came into view, like lead falling from the sky, strange, unknown feelings and thoughts struck me. She changed my entire being. Apparitions of love and soft silk entered my day to day and changed my life. … Continue reading “A Splendid Plan”

Blind Artistic Endeavors

Blinding light spawns liquefied steel, like a volcano sending its molten core across the metal in front of my face. My eyes are covered with darkened glass. I only see flashes of burning white light that I have to judge … Continue reading “Blind Artistic Endeavors”

Naturally -(424 words)

“What’s the charge?” the female judge asked the clerk of the court. “Crimes against nature.” “Be more specific please?” “Rape and murder,” your honor. “Guilty or not?” the judge asked the accused man who stood as though abused. He raised … Continue reading “Naturally -(424 words)”

Hired Killer

To prove god wouldn’t have permitted me to commit the crime that carried a death sentence. I couldn’t say where I had been when it happened. The woman I spent that time with would make God content. Married as a … Continue reading “Hired Killer”