#216 Baby, Baby Please

  Debby didn’t show up for our date again. I knew she went out with somebody else instead.  I wrote her an emotional e-mail to let her know what I thought, “Baby, please don’t lie to me. Tell me the … Continue reading “#216 Baby, Baby Please”

#204 Business Trip

#204 Business Trip   I had to go to Denver on a business trip. I left my wife home with the kids. I never called while gone because my wife said hearing my voice from so far away upset her … Continue reading “#204 Business Trip”

#143 Misanthrope

Misanthrope “You misanthrope,” she said when I chased her out the cabin door. Didn’t she already know what I was when she came up the river to where I lived, a hundred miles from any other human being? I always … Continue reading “#143 Misanthrope”

#101 Dirty Bucko


Whats Cooking

Tomorrow I will have posted 100 short stories. I only have 8 patrons following me. I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to continue posting stories. What do you think?????? Please let me know if you read my stories.   #99 What’s … Continue reading “Whats Cooking”


#95 Awakening  Joe awoke to the shrill screech of his personal robot, Maria. Assigned to him by the ruling mainframe the day he was born. Ever since the “Singularity” in 2026, every human born was required to have a personal … Continue reading “Awakening!”

#94 A Lifetime Job

  Joe made his rounds as a security guard at the California State Hospital. He came upon a tiny young lady who knelt on the ground with her face close to baby’s breath flowers nestled beneath birds of paradise plants … Continue reading “#94 A Lifetime Job”

#92 Migrants

  We sat in our country kitchen sipping on coffee. I had just seen the morning headlines, “Vigilantes kill two illegals.” Looked like someone was taking the immigration policy into their own hands, but before I could read more, my … Continue reading “#92 Migrants”

Heart of Stone

#91 Heart of Stone   Women didn’t like the way I acted or looked. The hell with them I thought. This is the modern age, and I can create a woman of my own. I studied all the books on … Continue reading “Heart of Stone”

Little Brain

#90 Little Brain   On my fourteenth birthday, Grandpa Joe took me fishing on the Mississippi River in his leaky old rowboat. We floated alongside the high cliffs on the Iowa side. I liked to fish and enjoyed baiting the … Continue reading “Little Brain”