Frankenstein returns as an AI computer.  

Joe dibuduo’s Published Books

I have been working hard as a writer. Though I have published about 20 books/and stories, I have yet to earn much money. If I got paid by the hour for writing, I’d be a rich man! Sure hope 2018 … Continue reading “Joe dibuduo’s Published Books”

My updated publication list

31 Nights of Halloween ·        3 Editions ·        Current Sales Rank: #112,130 in Audible Store ·        Average Review:  (6 reviews) Best Served Cold: an Eye for an Eye ·        2 Editions ·        Current Sales Rank: #4,115,877 in Kindle Store ·        Average … Continue reading “My updated publication list”

Will History Repeat Itself?

Today is the celebration day for when in 1605 police foiled the so-called Gunpowder Plot by seizing Guy Fawkes before he could blow up the English Parliament.   Many people have worn a Guy Fawkes Mask during the occupy, and … Continue reading “Will History Repeat Itself?”

Vietnam I lived through these times and like most people I had my own opinions. After watching this, I see every opinion I had was biased or wrong. The documentary points out how our veterans were brave, and even the … Continue reading “Vietnam”

Get real TRUMP, Dump Tom Marino, and appoint Joe Rannazzisi Drug Czar ! Again, Trump wants to put the fox in charge of the henhouse!  

I’m a poet and know it

Sold another of my poetry books last week. Haven;t sold many, but now and then someone buys one, So I actually make a few bucks off of my poetry, That makes me a professional poet!   Sold three of these … Continue reading “I’m a poet and know it”


I had just gotten three dollars in quarters as change from a copy machine. I usually don’t give money to beggars as I figure they probably have more money than me, but in this instance, I felt the kid was … Continue reading “Paybacks??????????”

UPCOMING – SPRING 2017 —- T h e – C o n t e s t

Inspired by the works of international artists, this Young Adult / New Adult collection of dark fantasy, slipstream, magical realism and fabulist tales (with a connecting novella) is collaboratively authored by Joe DiBuduo and Kate Robinson:   Peter John Rizzo, … Continue reading “UPCOMING – SPRING 2017 —- T h e – C o n t e s t”