Rained on my fresh cement today.

IMAG0706 IMAG0707 IMAG0708

Almost finished

The concrete’s weight is bringing the arms down.

A new type of totem pole

A new type of totem pole


Coming along

First coat of cement

First coat of cement



IMAG0699 IMAG0700

What am I creating?????

IMAG0698 IMAG0695 IMAG0696 IMAG0697

My new sculpture

IMAG0691 IMAG0692 IMAG0693 IMAG0694

My Imagination

My Imagination


I can’t shut the door in my mind, I can’t kick

my habit, so I’m at it again, packing all my

creative tools to build a woman, that will never

fear, out of steel and cement to make me content.


She will be as fierce as can be, with Freddy Krueger

hands, spikes for nails and a pinhead made from

nails and cement. I’ll spare you the degrading details.


Her body will be tall and thin with faces for breasts and

maybe two on her back so she never has to look back.

I’ll make her with a smile and white cement, but may

stain her black or brown, but I won’t explain.


Creative juices are starting to flow through my

veins and I become alive as I think of what I can

do with my fingers, hands, and a barely working

brain that’s always in pain.


That I’m poor and don’t have a dime to spare, I can’t

use that as an excuse not to build a statue that’s on

my list. I’ll do it alone, stand that fifteen foot tall bitch

up In my sandy yard for all to see what caused my

intoxication and used to only exist in my imaginatio

I’m building a companion for Boadacia.

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Why in my heart do I love junk like I do?

Sometimes I just don’t know why when

I see an empty can or a rusted nail, I

can’t let it perish and instead of sending

it to its grave, I imagine it hanging on

someone’s wall where the public can

admire my genius for rescuing it from the

junk-heap and turning it into a piece of art.


Nuts and bolts welded into a woman’s torso

becomes beauty never before seen, When

like a miracle, the artist shapes her rump, he

fantasizes about its size and creates one so

large and round that he falls in love.


Like a child, I’ll lay it on the line. I collect common

things, even chicken wings that are thrown onto

the street, or into garbage cans. Others see only

trashy junk to be sent to a landfill, or maybe melted

down to be used again.


Like a miracle I’ll recycle a lot of junk and make it into

something that it’s not. I may create sculptures that move

and make people say OOOHHH and AHHHH and that my

friend, is interesting art.


My first 3-D Painting








What’s life if lived in a world where


one’s hope for a nice day is gray?




Without bright reds, cool blues, or sea-foam


green that’s the miracle in between




my world would be devoid of any joy that


only bright, clean color can bring to me.




Little do I care that I dream in black and white to let


me know how bleak a world without color can be.




No one has blond hair or blue eyes.


Everyone’s skin is a different shade of gray.




So are the houses, cars and even the sky, but


the moon sun and stars get their choice




to be any color they want, as long as it’s black

or white.