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Refurbishing an old steamer trunk.

              I had planned on using hand painted canvas pictures to cover the flat areas of this trunk, but changed my mind to faux finish it instead.I don’t really have a plan, just keep on working on it, but it is starting to shape up. I plan on using…

My Flowery 3-d painting is coming along


Last painting of 2013.


I wouldn’t do this dirty nasty job for pay, but I do it for art.

  I’m stripping logs of their bark, sanding them down to  make . . . I’m not sure, but that’s what I love about my method of creating things. I never know what I’m going to get until I get it.  

My painting today and my wood carving.

Both are work on projects, but I’ll leave them as is for a while because it’s getting too cold to work outside.  

My painting today


3-D painting

If you have Chromadepth glasses you can see the colors come off the screen.  

My first attempt at wood carving. I’m hoping they get better as i learn how.  

3-d art

Finally got to do a couple of  3-D paintings. I hope my future paintings will be much more interesting, but it takes practice. Chroma vision glasses make the colors pop off of the canvas.  

canvas painting

I did a little painting today. First time since January when I had pneumonia.