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How to get AHEAD!

It’s easy. Make one.  

Chulhuly exhibit in Phoenix Botanical Gardens  

It’s the birthday of the artist Georges Seurat, born in Paris in 1859.

He painted huge canvases with tiny dots of many colors, and this technique became known as Pointillism. His most famous painting is Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, which took him about two years to paint.  

Trying ceramics as a new art form. Lots to learn.


I only worked on these for about an hour and a half and am exhausted. Maybe I better stick to writing!


Textured acrylic

Today”s paintings. Tomorrow I’ll start using a painting for a cover to a poem that I’ll attempt to add music to.



This article gives a history of Elephante and plans for the future.  

My visit to Elephantie. 30 years of living and creating in one place.


3-D painting March 24

Finished this 4 foot by 8 foot painting today, March 24, 2014  

New 3_D Art

working on this 4 x 8 foot space painting. ┬áMy next 4 x 8 will be more artistic, I hope.