Azure blue, it’s true, is what I see when

I dream of the Golden State.


Like a string of pearls, I see sandy beaches filled with

surfers and the most beautiful girls from that state.


I see forests, rolling hills, mountains and lakes that

make it a beautiful state.


Agricultural fields filled with an enormous bounty that

makes it the promised land with abundant fruits and nuts.



Memories like this make me want to go back until I remember,


there is no azure blue. Only gray smog filled skies, and getting

to the beach means hours behind the wheel on jammed freeways.


Ditto for getting to the mountains where smog fills the air and kills off trees.


The agricultural fields are full of slaves working for less than minimum wage

and throughout the rest of the state roam many human fruits and nuts.


I ask myself, “Why, why am I going there?” as I start my car and begin

the long drive.

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