Bucket List

We’ll fill our buckets with the nectar of life, even if we’re tired
to the bone and have to wear worn out shoes and raggedy clothes,
my friends, and I will get to New Orleans to make one more notch on
our lives to help fill the buckets we carry in our hearts.

Nothing will drive them away because we beat the system. One more
time I’ll open a beer and once I’m in a trance, we’ll dance the night
away before the cops take us to jail, where we’ll stay until it becomes
another day. The time spent behind bars is erased from our minds because,

that experience goes in our buckets so we don’t have as much to do as before.
We’ll fill them with everything we want to do, its true. We’ll be heroes that day
to those who know what we’re trying to accomplish, and if they don’t, I’ll drink
all the time because life is mean and I’ve never known the wonder of love.

That’s an undisputable fact, and that is that, Though the Gods know we steal
time and hurry to finish before our lives come to a disastrous end. We’ll stay
together for one more day, though we know our days can’t last forever, we pray
that we’ll be together for ever and ever.

We’ll go through eternity being heroes every day and be careful as we learn to
swim like dolphins, and we’ll all become kings or queens whatever that means
to muscle bound marines who know what living means. If we choose the right hues,
nothing will stop us from filling our buckets in this world before we go on to the next,

and hope we don’t change our sex when we carry our experiences and thrills we had
running up and down grassy hills, and the women we’ve had, and everything that made
each of us glad we lived before we were dead. Our souls will take along our memories
and thoughts to entertain us during the long sleep that I’m afraid is going to be deep.


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