Bigus Dickus, or is it Bigeth Digeth

Does being born in an afternoon with a silver spoon make a man better

than one born with a bush-whacker as long as a baby’s leg?

Ask Joe. He knows how it goes. When he was sixteen a mealy

mouthed whore wasn’t acting her craft when she saw the size of his

womb broom spit out, “You’re not putting that Bigith Dickith inside of me.”

“Are you trying to say, Bigus Dickus?” The whore laughed and agreed that

was what she was trying to say and Joe’s name became, Bigus Dickus


A transvestite named, Cherry wasn’t ashamed to fall for Joe’s

One-eyed monster. She was a fairy and told many like her why she

was in love. To show those who didn’t believe, she drugged Joe

and said, “We’re not wed, so you owe, but I’ll blow if you’ll put on

a show. I’ll invite others like me. All you have to do is stand on stage

and show Long dong silver to those who’ll admire and desire what you have.


Joe stood on stage and had an inward rage because he couldn’t

read the page. The audience in disbelief and scorn, chanted, “Take it out,

take it out before we put your eyes out.


“Joe became embarrassed for not knowing just what he was supposed

to do. Cherry stepped up on stage and unzipped Joe’s fly, and used both

hands to fish inside his pants and pulled out, Joe’s super-sized Dicktator.


Shouts, without doubt, came from the audience and Cherry holding Joe’s

undisguised but oversized One-eyed monster told the crowd for only forty

bucks they could touch Joe’s Treasure. Many got in line when word of the

Pleasure Pump spread and weirdos came from all around to stroke the only one

of its kind. The line got so long it went out the door and around the store.


Joe protested while Cherry drank and rested with her hands full of money.

She said, “You’ll become famous and travel the world If you allow

kings and queens to touch your Blue-veined aristocrat and let them know

your noble King Dong is something money can’t buy.”


Joe’s young brain thought it okay.


“Not only that,” Cherry said. “You’ll become a highly paid movie star

so wouldn’t have to live a life of crime or ever go to jail if you’re caught

doing wrong all along. Trust me; Like a flash, I’ll handle all the cash

we’ll get from those waiting in line to pay to see Justin-in beaver.


“You were given a gift to have Wedding wrecker that’s bigger than the

world famous thirteen-and-a-half-inch long dong, longer than an average

wine bottle and about as thick, but you’ve got him beat with your fifteen

inch Long dong silver. I measured it myself, and there’s no dispute.  When I held

your Clam hammer I almost fell to the floor.


“Be proud of what you have. If anyone doubts what you say, take down

your pants so they can see, and if they want to touch it, charge them an

arm and a leg, because what you say is true


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